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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

BlackBerry Hacks Fast Access PIN

Do You Know Your BlackBerry data?

Have you ever talked to a man, a BlackBerry user and have requested a PIN? Or maybe someone wanted to know which version you are using a BlackBerry BlackBerry, or what operating system you have? Suddenly, the mind is empty, and all other numbers and information about swimming around your head, you can not think. Or if you're like me, you never had time to remember the PIN BlackBerry, so you're forced to go to Options and then the status of the BlackBerry menu whenever you need to look for an answer. Well, after today, you no longer need to worry about those empty moments and does not remember the instructions of the menu, which lets you use the BlackBerry data.

A simple trick to find out the PIN

What is Blackberry PIN?

Your PIN is your personal identification number and can be used to communicate with other users via PIN messaging. On the BlackBerry, are linked to PIN messages SMS, but is only available for use with other BlackBerry users, and it looks like a spectacular red font to highlight some of the others. When you send a PIN message, you are also given a lot more character space to express yourself.

Your PIN is also useful to discuss with other users via BlackBerry Messenger (often referred to as BBM, is instant messaging or instant messaging software for BlackBerry ... ....) Other users often ask for this number to participate in private conversations with you on the BlackBerry network, but do not automatically know this number can sometimes be inconvenient to have to 's stop and hunt for him.

Blackberry Hack Easy for quick access PIN:

But now, this technique very easy to produce the number for you in no time. Simply open a blank email and write the word mypin and press the space key. The number has now replaced the text is your PIN. You can email it to your friends (since you already have the email open blank) or you can simply read the next issue to your colleagues user and then delete it. The main point is that it is easier to remember step for some to have to go to the Options menu number search.

You can also check your phone version of the same. In the blank email, just type myver and press the space key. My phone model and operating information will be displayed. Ditto for accessing your phone number, just write myNumber and press the space key and your number is displayed on the screen of your BlackBerry.

These tricks are so simple that even a beginner can use!

I also found these useful shortcuts when I'm talking about the new BlackBerry user, who wants to use the PIN messaging, or BlackBerry Messenger, but have no idea what their PIN. I think it's much easier to point a newbie how to find this information in a blank email to explain to them through the stages of the BlackBerry menu (because, after all, e-mail is one of the first things that people learn to do BlackBerry).

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Source: Hackers.com/google

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